cultural supporters

cultural supporters

Sadat Quranic-Caltural Institution

(Mehr-e Mandegar Cultural suporter)


 Sadat Quranic-Caltural Institution initiated its activities in September 2015

 on Dovlat Street of Tehran with God and Imam Reza’s help as well as efforts by some of Sadats. The general aim of the institution is to foster Quranic morale and creating a place for development, contemplation and general knowledge and understanding and perception and thinking in Quran and promoting is subjectively in a correct manner in the field of general culture.

 This institution works in education filed and in near future in research and study. 

Training Quranic sciences including reading, fluency, memorization, interpretation, and Islamic ideas, ethics and orders are held in this institute. In addition, psychology seminars and classes such as NLP  course, question and answer session for dear ladies, and also   several classes for kids like abacus, lego, and painting are held in this institute.

Quranic courses are held in different age groups. 

General courses and then specialized ones are discussed in educational field. 

Experienced and expert professors are employed in educational field. 

This institute holds art and culture courses, too.

Simple paragraph about Mehr Mandegar Charity

Unit 2, No 60, North Abozar St, Khaj-e Abdollah Ave
Tehran, Iran