History of library

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History of library

History of library

In the name of God

Varan Public Library from foundation to today:

Varan public library was established on 14 June 2011 coincided with Imam Ali’s birthday through late Haj Seyyed Moharram Naseri’s generosity in a very splendid ceremony participated by the governor and authorities. This library was established on the second floor of Mellat bank with an area of 120 m2 including storage space, men & women group study rooms costing more than 300.000.000 Rials (renovation, equipment and supply chain). Most books of this library has been granted by people, publishers, authors publishing and printing institutions. The founder has also supplied certain books for the library. The number of books was first 2500 volumes but this number has exceeded to 9262 volumes covering various fields including religion, philosophy, law, human sciences, computer, general information, applied sciences, special sciences, history, geography, social sciences, language, literature, story and novel, children’s books and reference books. The library elected as the best library in Markazi Province, works two shifts by two librarians. The hours are from 8 am to 8 pm during first 6 months of the year and from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm during the second half of the year. Varan has elementary and junior high schools because it is the capital of Jasb (with 7 villages). This has resulted in more attendance by people and students. Jasb serves a lot of tourists in summer and New Year’s holiday due to its pleasant weather. Varan has a population of 1500 people but this number grows to 4500 including tourists during first half of the year especially in summer. However, moderate attending the library during a year is not considerably changing because of Azad Islamic University of Jasb and availability of books needed by students. Nearly, 20 people attend the library each day. Currently, there are 160 active members in this library including 60 children and adolescents and 200 for other age groups.

Holding various events on book and book reading, public library of Varan could play an effective role on stimulating and encouraging local people especially children and adolescents towards book reading culture and using books which will in turn result in improved culture, and general knowledge. This, in addition, could bring happiness among members and promoted reading trends. To do so, the library personnel call for a contest during the week of book in which municipal authorities participate each year. It could play a major role on filling their leisure time. Holding free classes for students, staff could leave great effects on their scientific development. Currently, plans forecasted for development of this library include expanding the land of building and expanding the library, subject oriented plans, facilitating it with the internet and plans related to special events which are being held with cooperation of village department and Islamic council of the village. Regarding the fact that this library is a cooperative one, all costs including staff’s salary, current costs and holding ceremonies are supplied by Dr. Seyyed Mahmood Naseri following his father’s way. We would like to thank and acknowledge him.

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